About Us

Clean water. Clean land. Sustainable solutions.


The Smart Group is a science-based company that develops innovative  products and sustainable solutions. Our staff is a varied set of  ecologists, educators and statisticians with decades of experience in  all corners of the globe. 

Based on the principles of a triple bottom line, our work balances  the environmental, economic, and social responsibilities required to  achieve vibrant ecosystems. We believe our science-based solutions for  clean water and clean land provide the foundation for healthier people  and places.

Leadership in Science-Based Sustainable Solutions

The Smart Group principals have been providing leadership in  science-based sustainable solutions for over 

20 years. We have been at  the forefront of identifying, developing, and implementing practices,  

programs, and products that lead to clean water, clean land, and  sustainable solutions. 

We have provided advisory services on more than  300 projects around the world in 23 countries. 

Get to know the key team members of The Smart Group below.

Our Team


Miles M. (Bud) Smart, Ph.D.

Dr. Smart earned a doctorate in limnology (freshwater ecology) from  the University of Missouri with emphasis on water, watersheds, and  ecological toxicology. Dr. Smart has taught at the Univ of Wisconsin at  LaCrosse and Duke University; he was Group Leader for Carolina Power and  Light’s (now Progress Energy) Water Quality, Water Chemistry and Trace  Element Program; and founded The Smart Group, a science-based company  that develops innovative products and sustainable solutions. Our focus  is clean water, clean soil and innovative products that are based on  principles of sustainability. 

He has 32 years of experience developing, implementing, and teaching  environmental strategies that protect and enhance natural resources  while adding value. Many of the 32 years have been devoted to evaluating  the effects of and implementing solutions for various pollutants  including nutrients, toxic chemicals, physical stressors, and habitat  degradation in aquatic ecosystems. He is recognized as an expert in  solving problems and managing risk associated with aquatic resources and  watershed/water dynamics resulting from various land uses. 

Dr. Smart is also a recognized expert in developing and implementing  scientifically based sustainability strategies for businesses. He has  developed scientifically based techniques, practices, processes and  educational guides that promote ‘green’, low-impact, sustainable  solutions for many different types of businesses. These have been  instituted at more than 300 projects in 22 different countries in Asia,  Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Central America, South America and  throughout Mexico and Canada, and 32 different states. Each project  focuses on establishing scientifically credible and verifiable practices  that provide the environmental structure for the project, and then  merging this with real-world, experiential education that connects  people with the environment. 

One of his latest projects was writing a Sustainability Manual for  the 8,000 member Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). This book  provided the education and support for club management professionals in  corporate responsibility and environmental action. 


J. Russell (Russ) Bodie, MA

Mr. Bodie earned a masters in biological sciences from the University  of Missouri with emphasis on landscape ecology and environmental  management. Prior to this, he conducted research at varied desert,  forest, freshwater, and marine locations with the University of  Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Lab. Mr. Bodie has authored or  co-authored several articles in international scientific publications,  including BioScience and Journal of Environmental Management. For the  past 12 years, he has focused on science-based, sustainable solutions  for companies and key projects as a principal with The Smart Group, Inc. 

Mr. Bodie has 17 years experience in the assessment, design,  implementation, and oversight of applied ecology in natural and  human-managed environments. He specializes in technological design, in  creating and implementing strategic environmental plans, and in applying  sound scientific principles and current ‘best practices’ to managed  environments for government, corporate, industry, and real estate  projects. Mr. Bodie has managed >150 projects in 26 US states and 18  countries and territories in North America, Central America, the  Caribbean, Europe and Asia. He has conducted a number of invited  seminars on environmental management and third-party certifications. 


Charles H. Peacock, PhD

Dr. Peacock earned a doctorate from the University of Florida. He has  30 years of experience and is an expert in the areas of turf grass  nutrition and stress physiology, fertilizer technology and soils  interactions, and environmental quality. He has consulted on agronomic  issues on several hundred golf courses. He has published over 225  research and popular articles in turf grass management and given over 200  presentations at conferences, workshops, seminars, and short courses in  the US, Canada, France, Hong Kong and Japan. He is a Professor of Crop  Science specializing in Turf grass Management at North Carolina State  University and provides expertise on agronomic issues. 

Dr. Peacock has worked with communities and turf grass councils as a  member of the USGA Green Section and environmental Research Committee,  as a Director of Education for Golf Environment Organization, and with  national and local turf commodity groups. He teaches and conducts  research in the area of turf grass nutrition and stress physiology,  fertilizer technology and soils interactions, and environmental quality. Give customers a reason to do business with you.