Top in Eco-Friendly Rankings


Mirimichi is a 300-acre property with an 18-hole  championship golf course, a 9-hole executive course, and a Golf Learning  and Performance Center. The Smart Group principals directed the  sustainability of all aspects of renovation and management. Our  ecological land planning was instrumental in implementing a sustainable  land plan that included extensive buffers, protected and enhanced water  quality and quantity, and enhanced wildlife habitat. We developed  wildlife connections within the property and to surrounding land and  water that facilitated the safe movement of wildlife. Through our  judicious land planning, managed turf was reduced by 100 acres and  converted to low-input and low-maintenance native habitat. 

Justin Timberlake and his family own Mirimichi and  were the driving force behind its environmental stewardship. Mirimichi  has received numerous environmental awards: Mother Nature Network named  Mirimichi to their list of the 5 Greenest Golf Courses in the World;  National Geographic named Mirimichi as one of the 10 most  environmentally friendly courses in the world; it is certified by the  Golf Environment Organization out of Scotland and by Audubon  International; and it received the 2011 Governor’s Environmental  Sustainability Award. 


We prepared and implemented a Resource Management Plan that provides  detailed protocols and processes for managing the golf course in an  environmentally friendly manner. Ecological risk assessments were  conducted to evaluate any pesticides proposed for use on the turfgrass.  Thus, we selected materials that were safe for wildlife, safe for  aquatic environments, and were as short lived as possible. Integrated  Pest Management (IPM) strategies have been incorporated into every  aspect of the plan and maintenance of the golf course. IPM strategies  reduce the need for broad scale application of fertilizers, pesticides  and other chemicals, ensure that materials used to maintain the  landscape are safe for the environment, and that materials are applied  properly by trained and licensed contractors. 


We developed and implemented a water quality monitoring program to  ensure that on-site wetlands and ponds and adjacent Caney Creek and Big  Creek were not degraded from construction or long-term use and  management of the property. The maintenance facility is  state-of-the-art. It provides an environmentally protective base of  operations for all turf and equipment maintenance. The buildings and  functions of the maintenance program have been designed to ensure that  the potential for spills or pollution of soil, surface water, or ground  water is minimal. 

We authored and published a 40-page Employee Sustainability Guide  used as text for a sustainability learning session including both  classroom and on-site instruction by The Smart Group principals. All  employees attended the class to help fully integrate Mirimichi’s  eco-friendly vision throughout not only the property but with guests and  the broader community.